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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love reCAPTCHA

Recently we had a meeting to discuss security and SPAM issues on the hundred or so sites that we host at work, and it came up that most of the sites are using Mollom or the CAPTCHA module (or both) to keep this kind of thing at bay. So why were we still getting SPAM?

Light Box Alerts Using Colorbox Node

Well, where have I been? I've been working that Drupal, and now days more than ever. I’ve been workin' for the man, and the man has Drupal.

OK, it is an ad agency, and I've been there for about six months now as their Drupal guy. So not only do I not have much in the way of time (video games ain't gonna play themselves), but I also never find an issue in Drupal that I can't Google and get an answer on the first two pages. That is, until today.

So where have you been?

I know, it has been almost a month since my last post, and I imagine that everyone just can't wait to find out how I installed Google Analytics and FK Editor. Well, that will just have to wait for now. For now, I have been working on my first pure JavaScript / JQuery (no Flash or Canvas) game, simply because I though I could do it. At present it is in Beta and I have been playing it to find more bugs. It is still a better game than E.T.

Breadcrumbs with Crumbs

OK, back to the topic of configuring Drupal. As we last left our hero (me), I had installed Views to help build a logical URL structure and related block level navigation. Still, there remained the issue of the breadcrumbs, which were not very pleasing to the UX I was hoping to build. At the time, a technical related article, like this one, would have breadcrumbs that looked sort of like "Home / Article Name", which was not reflexive of either the URL structure in place, nor the taxonomy I was hoping to apply to the site.

Setting Up a Static Web Site in AWS Using S3

I would like to take a break from writing about all this fun Drupal configuration and CSS coding and stuff, and give a few minutes to say how awesome Amazon Web Services is. As I have mentioned, all of this fun and excitement is hosted on AWS. Back when I started playing with all this stuff (and dinosaurs roamed the Earth), the best you could get for $25 a month was a static web site maybe 500 MBs for storage, and the .COM address would cost you another $99 a year.

Why This Site?

This site was built as part of Sprint 2 of the Husky Ninja infrastructure. It was originally planned as a blog site, but a larger CMS platform was chosen for flexibility. This is more than just a blog to me. I am making this site to learn more about the Drupal Platform. Although I have experience with Drupal, it is limited to version 6.x. Besides, I love the Web, and I hope you love it too.

Husky Ninja - Additional Info

Husky Ninja is my portfolio and play site, and includes both recent and legacy work, lesson samples, and this CMS / Blog site. I have been working with HTML and related stacks since 1997. By 1999 I was working professionally. Over the many years I cut my teeth on many different technologies, some web related and others not, but I ended up with a deep understanding of Information Technology and enterprise infrastructure. So even if I don't know the technology you are interested in, or if you say I don't contribute to GitHub, or if you say I don't have a CompSci degree so I don't know what I am doing, I laugh in your direction, and go back to making web pages.

What am I doing here?

Not only am I building out this blog on a CMS, but I am trying to learn all that Amazon Web Services has to offer. I hope to expand with additional application platforms and content management systems. Sprints are one month long. Keep your eyes pealed for more.