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Drupal 7, as I mentioned earlier, has the default UX of a screaming child, and it takes all kinds of modules or custom coding (or just modules) to make it play nice with users, the internet, and everything. One of those modules is so important to the design and control of the taxonomy and UX that it is to be included in Drupal 8 core, and if you should include it now if you are building a 7 site. The module is Views.

Social Sharing with Metatag and Service Links

Drupal is like a CMS locked in time, with new versions coming out once every four or five years, and that is a long time in the development cycle that is the internet. Since version 7 was released, social media has grown into almost every corner of the web, with the Facebook led Open Graph being the method of choice for ensuring that richly enabled content is shared and delivered between social platforms. Combining with standard icons and APIs for adding and liking this content, information became easy as pie to share with social contacts.

A Rose by Any Other Real Name

Drupal is, as installed, a hot mess with the UX of an angry gorilla. URLs don't really make any semantic sense, even with path settings configured, and there is a lack of relationship between the content and the intended structure of the site. Displaying usernames as opposed to real or natural names is kind of a design buzz kill. The taxonomy tools are very powerful in core, but quite limited in practice. And we don't even want to talk about the default bredcrumb (well, yes we do but not in this post). Even with all these issues, there is always a module for that.

Two More Text Effects Using CSS3

In addition to the 3D CSS text effect in the hero there are two other CSS effects applied to the title; neon glow (which is a commonly known CSS effect) and stroke. Each one of these are based on others works with a slight twist. First, the neon glow.

3D With Center Horizon for Text Using CSS3

While I was working on the template for this site I wanted to find the opportunity to take advantage of CSS3 effects for text and use this for the title over the standard hero image. While I was working on the main site I ran across a number of cool things you could do with text in CSS3, but really didn't have the opportunity to use them in the site as the design really didn't call for it.

Why This Site?

This site was built as part of Sprint 2 of the Husky Ninja infrastructure. It was originally planned as a blog site, but a larger CMS platform was chosen for flexibility. This is more than just a blog to me. I am making this site to learn more about the Drupal Platform. Although I have experience with Drupal, it is limited to version 6.x. Besides, I love the Web, and I hope you love it too.

Husky Ninja - Additional Info

Husky Ninja is my portfolio and play site, and includes both recent and legacy work, lesson samples, and this CMS / Blog site. I have been working with HTML and related stacks since 1997. By 1999 I was working professionally. Over the many years I cut my teeth on many different technologies, some web related and others not, but I ended up with a deep understanding of Information Technology and enterprise infrastructure. So even if I don't know the technology you are interested in, or if you say I don't contribute to GitHub, or if you say I don't have a CompSci degree so I don't know what I am doing, I laugh in your direction, and go back to making web pages.

What am I doing here?

Not only am I building out this blog on a CMS, but I am trying to learn all that Amazon Web Services has to offer. I hope to expand with additional application platforms and content management systems. Sprints are one month long. Keep your eyes pealed for more.