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Clueless and Secondary Menu in Drupal

Development of the template for the Husky Ninja Blog proceeded at a quick pace, with mostly my cluelessness being the only real roadblock. With my limited knowledge of PHP I was able to build the page.tpl.php fairly easily using mostly conditional statements. One thing that bothered me was the Secondary Nav (you know, that "my account Log out" link thing). I wanted to move it (or failing that disable it), but not knowing anything I didn't know how - heck I didn't even know what to call it.

Step 1 - Starting

I love IT and I love working on IT projects. I have deployed many different applications on many different Web servers over the years, but I have never run into the situation that I have run into when working on Drupal: the total lack of documentation. Yes, installing Core is easy as pie, and building templates is well documented, but what if I want to change the way the breadcrumbs work, or what if I want to take full advantage of taxonomy and have It run my site’s context.

In the Beginning

So I had finally finished Sprint 1 of Husky Ninja, and I was looking for next steps. I was looking over the Scrum board, scratching my head for what user stories to enter, when I just began entering really basic high level requirements (like "get a blog" and "deploy a .NET app"). When my planning had ended (1 day) I was faced with my first user story... the blog. But what platform to choose and where to host it? And those are just the known questions. So off to Google I went.

Why This Site?

This site was built as part of Sprint 2 of the Husky Ninja infrastructure. It was originally planned as a blog site, but a larger CMS platform was chosen for flexibility. This is more than just a blog to me. I am making this site to learn more about the Drupal Platform. Although I have experience with Drupal, it is limited to version 6.x. Besides, I love the Web, and I hope you love it too.

Husky Ninja - Additional Info

Husky Ninja is my portfolio and play site, and includes both recent and legacy work, lesson samples, and this CMS / Blog site. I have been working with HTML and related stacks since 1997. By 1999 I was working professionally. Over the many years I cut my teeth on many different technologies, some web related and others not, but I ended up with a deep understanding of Information Technology and enterprise infrastructure. So even if I don't know the technology you are interested in, or if you say I don't contribute to GitHub, or if you say I don't have a CompSci degree so I don't know what I am doing, I laugh in your direction, and go back to making web pages.

What am I doing here?

Not only am I building out this blog on a CMS, but I am trying to learn all that Amazon Web Services has to offer. I hope to expand with additional application platforms and content management systems. Sprints are one month long. Keep your eyes pealed for more.