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So where have you been?

I know, it has been almost a month since my last post, and I imagine that everyone just can't wait to find out how I installed Google Analytics and FK Editor. Well, that will just have to wait for now. For now, I have been working on my first pure JavaScript / JQuery (no Flash or Canvas) game, simply because I though I could do it. At present it is in Beta and I have been playing it to find more bugs. It is still a better game than E.T.

This game, Ninja v Pirates, was a collaboration between my son Joe (who is 11) and myself. He put together the majority of the artwork, and he enjoyed himself so much that it has led him to imagine all sorts of other games he can develop with me. So I have been taking a crash course in game development for canvas. Right now I am in the middle of Steven Lambert's tutorial on building a runner game in canvas, and afterwards I will be hitting the books on advanced JavaScript concepts, just so I can develop a Duckhunt ripoff with my son (and get a job, but that goes without saying).

Not to worry, true believers, as I will be back soon with another exciting technical post. In the meantime, play Ninja v. Pirates!